Michael Jackson – Blood On The Dance Floor chords

Left handed
Michael Jackson – Blood on the Dance floor

Work out rhythm and strum pattern by listening to the tune. Get this right and it
will sound great.


Fm            133111
Ab            466544
Bb            x13331
Db            x46664
Fm7           131111
C7(#9)        x3234x

Intro – Fm, Ab, Bb, Db, Fm7, Ab, Bb, Db	

Verse 1 – No Chords, though I improvise with the intro

Bridge – ( To escape this world…)
	Bb, Fm7, Bb, Fm7, Bb, Fm7, Bb, C7(#9)
Chorus  (Susie got your number)
	Fm7, Bb/F, Fm, Fm7, Bb/F, Fm

Verse 2 – Same as verse 1

Chorus 2 – Same as chorus 1

Bridge 2 – (It was blood on the dancefloor…Just can’t take it)
	Fm, Ab, Bb, Db, Fm, Ab, Bb, C7(#9)

Outro – Can repeat intro to improvise

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