Michael Kiske - King Of It All tab

from the Kiske (2006) record
tabbed by Eddie (starfire@azet.sk)

Note: Great song, no metal though ...
      D/F# - 2x023x

Intro: Ge--------------------------------------|B-----0h1-0---0h1-0---0h1-0---0h1-0----|G-0-----------------------------------|D-0-----------------------------------|A--2-----------------------------------|E-3-----------------------------------|
Verse 1: C G I've been had once again C G The old betrayer did win D F Felt small I thought to give in D Em And now I sleep with my sin Pre-chorus 1: F You say I just fly D On wings I have borrowed F I'm loaded to try D To shoot you with my sorrow Chorus: G D/F# C I'm alone tonight G D/F# C No one there in sight Am D And I die to be the king of it all Am F To become the laugh of all rise and fall D Yes so tall! Verse 2: You'll be the one that will bleed If I fall over my feet The love you need you must breed The hate we build cuts so deep Pre-chorus 2: If I could I sure would Be all that you needed, it would all feel so good But it doesn't come easy repeat Chorus Bridge: C G D Your common sense is no defence sometimes C G D D And if it ends all what it meant stays mine! repeat Verse chords repeat Pre-chorus repeat Chorus Outro: C, G (8x) end on G
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