Michael Learns To Rock – Someday tab

Hi , here is the song by M.L.T.R……….i reckon the original song is also played on the 
scale…………..so enjoy..........kunal shinde

Bm                   G
In my search for freedom
D               A
and peace of mind
Bm              G                  D       A    Bm
I've left the memories behind…….OOOOOOOOOOO
Bm	 	   G
Wanna start a new life
D                        A          E
but it seems to be rather absurd
Bm		     G
when I know the truth
Bm                  G          D
is that I always think of you

D            A
Someday someway
Bm       G             D
together we will be baby
A                                D
I will take and you will take your time
D               A
We'll wait for our fate
Bm              G                  D
cos' nobody owns us baby
A                               D
We can shake we can shake the rock
Bm           G         D              A
Try to throw the picture out of my mind
Bm       G             D        A
try to leave the memories behind
Bm            G
Here by the ocean
D             A             E
wave's carry voices from you
Bm                 G
Do you know the truth
Bm                     G
I am thinking of you too


Someday someway

together we will be baby...

G                       D
The love we had together
G                      D
just fades away in time
G                               D
And now you've got your own world
and I guess I've got mine
G				D
But the passion that you planted
G			D
in the middle of my heart
G			          D
is a passion that will never stop
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