Michael Mcdermott – A Long Way From Heaven tab

		A Long Way From Heaven -  Michael McDermott       www.Michael-McDermott.com
wandering streets with rain and light
                                           C#m    B-A
i’m not feeling like myself tonight
crossroads and signs we cannot read
E							   C#m   B-A 
i’m not sure what it is you think i need
its a city of ghosts where no one trusts
E						    C#m  B-A
its a city of wings that turn to rust
i’m turning and i still can’t find
           C#m            B    A    
these things i need to leave behind
                       C#m  B      A     B              E
yeah we’re a long, long, long way from heaven

twilight leaks through and open book
i know what your saying with every look
danger dances in these half lit rooms
confusion reeks in these saloons
hey Lazarus where have you been boy
is death something you still enjoy?
you’re a long, long, long way from heaven

  E                                      A          E
the lord he giveth and the lord he take
                                      A          E
i’ve broken laws that i couldn’t face
                                              A        G#m
between the colors of your love and hate
         C#m    B                  F#/Bb      B     B7
its a time to murder and a time to create

the din of despair and broken drunken tongues
who are these people we’ve become
i feel it do you feel it to...happiness always eluding you
i’ll weave you a liars blanket, snug
and show you what i’ve learned from love
yeah we’re a long, long, long way 
such a long, long, long way
such a long, long long way from heaven
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