Michael Schenker Group – Summerdays chords

AmYou don't even know me
CYou forgot my name
Dmall i Know is what we had
Dm Gthat's a crying shame
AmThe other day I saw you
Cwalking down the street
Dmfelt a tremble in my hand
Dm Gif only we could meet
AmLiving a illusion
CA melody run me by
DmStuck In this Confusion
Dm GDon.t let the music die
AmRunning Into Danger
Ci'm coming off the rail
DmDon't treat me like a stranger
Dm Gcos a love that failed
AmI am just a loner
Cwhat do I have do
DmSearching through old battlefileds
Dm Ggetting back to you
G#Release Me
GWhy can't you
Cm thoses summer days
C# F# Gwhen life was good somehow
GI do remember
Cmit's hard to fin
C# F# GThat's why I miss you now
Gi'm faling
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