Michael Tolcher - Give Me Your Hand tab

Bare in mind people, This is my first ever tab :P
I picked this up myself after watching him play on yourtube, I was looking for tabs 
for this and there wasn't any, So i thought i'd make some myself. They sound pretty 
:) But i'm sure your comments will be the judge.
And of course the rating XD

---------2-----------------0-----------------0-------------3------|---------3-----------------2-----------------1-------------3------|---------2-----------------2-----------------0-------------0------| x2---------0-----------------2-----------------2-------------0------|---------------------------0-----------------3-------------2------|---------------------------------------------3-------------3------|
---------2-----------------3-----------------0-------------3------|---------3-----------------3-----------------0-------------3------|---------4-----------------0-----------------0-------------0------|---------4-----------------0-----------------2-------------0------| x1---------2-----------------2-----------------2-------------2------|---------2-----------------3-----------------0-------------3------|
---------2-----------------0------------------2------------3---------|---------3-----------------2------------------3------------3---------|---------2-----------------2------------------4------------0---------|---------0-----------------2------------------4------------0---------| x3---------------------------0------------------2------------2---------|----------------------------------------------2------------3---------|
After the start is continued. The bridge is basically
------0--------------2------------------|------2--------------3------------------|------2--------------4------------------|------2--------------4------------------|------0--------------2------------------|---------------------2------------------| Over and over again XD Not sure how many Just play along with the song :P You'll pick it up.Ohhh and by the way, the bridge ends with a G chord.And then the first tab is repeated
After each strum do a series of knocks. there is a certain pattern, There should be a live version of the song on youtube :) I hope you like the tab :) Please go easy on me XD It's my first tab :P And i think i one or two things wrong. But personally i think it sounds pretty good :P But then again XD wrote it :P I would. If you rate it bad. Please comment and explain why, I'd like to know where i have gone Thank you :) Tab written by David Paul Moloney Any questions email me at DavidMoloney@live.co.uk
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