Michael W Smith – How To Say Goodbye chords

This is a VERY simple version of the song. I'm sure there's someone out there with 
minors and major sevenths and all that good stuff, but this works, so... it's what 
I wrote. Enjoy! :)


C  F  C  Am  F  G  C

Verse 1-

C F CTell me when the time we had slipped away
Am CTomorrow turned to yesterday
G F And I don't know how.
C F CTell me what could stop this river of tears
Am F G CIt's been building up for years, for this moment now.
Am F C GHere I stand, arms open wide
C F C GI've held you close, kept you safe 'til you could fly.
C F CTell me where the road ahead is gonna bend
Am F G CAnd how to harness up the wind and how to say goodbye.
Verse 2-
C F CTell me why, why does following your dreams
Am CTake you far away from me?
G FAnd I knew that it would.
C F CTell me how to fill the space you left behind
Am FAnd how to laugh instead of cry
G CAnd how to say goodbye.
Repeat chorus And that's it! Have fun!
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