Michael W Smith - The Otherside Of Me tab

               The Otherside of Me

Written by Michael W. Smith
"Tabbed" by MeggieKae

This is one of my favorite songs that Michael has ever written
It's super easy to play and strum as well. Altho this might not be
the exact note for note version but it's pretty good I must say.
I've only been playing guitar about 2 months and I picked this
out by ear after a few weeks of playing. The strumming is hard to explain.
Like down down updown. The notes sound more full. Also, when you get to the "end verse" parts,
just strum each note once, it sounds better that way. Anywho if you have any probs, question,
or suggestions, feel free to send me a note on aim @ SquirrellonCrack

G - 320033
EM - 002200
D - 000332
C - 032010 

Verse 1

G               D
If they were to write about
    EM          C		
The story of my life
G               D
They would have to mention you
EM                     C
With every page they'd write
(end verse)
EM                  D              G
There's anotherside to every story told
G         D 
If I were the ocean
EM               C 
You would be the shore
G               D
One without the other one
EM                         C
Would be needing something more
(end verse)
EM         D              G    
We are the shadow and the light


D      EM   G
Always love me
D     EM    G
Never leave me now
D       EM
Now you are
D                G 
The otherside of me

Verse 2

G                D 
If love was mathematical
EM                   C        
You'd understand the sum
G             D
To the hearts eqaution
EM                C
Where one and one makes one
(end verse)
EM                D        G
And lonely equals me minus you
G                D
I have known the emptyness
EM               C
A feeling out of touch
G               D        
And living life without you here
         EM             C
Would be living half as much
(end verse)
EM                      D            G
'Cause I've a need that only you can fill

Chorus x2
EM  D            G
The otherside of me
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