Michale Graves - Fiend Club tab

Fiend Club (Acoustic Version)
Michale Graves
Tabbed By: Jeff Domingue
email: Linghoejohnson93@gmail.com

The Intro is the best i could come up with. it sounds correct though. 
idk if the rhythm and stuff is right. just play around with it.


Chorus Chorus Ending|-------------------------------------|-------------------------------||-------------------------------------|-------------------------------||-----------------8--8-8--10--10-10---|-8--8-8-8-8-8---5--5-5-5-5-5---||-8--8-8--7--7-7--8--8-8--10--10-10---|-8--8-8-8-8-8---5--5-5-5-5-5---||-8--8-8--7--7-7--6--6-6---8---8--8---|-6--6-6-6-6-6---3--3-3-3-3-3---||-6--6-6--5--5-5----------------------|-------------------------------|
And that's it, the whole song. plz rate and comment and i appreciate anyone who emails me with corrections and etc.. -thanks, and enjoy!
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