Michelle Branch – Goodbye To You tab

Well, figured this one out when I was watching her performance
on Buffy. I'm 100 freaking percent this is the way she plays it.

If you like the studio version, the SECOND GUITAR PART IS AT THE
BOTTOM, and Michelle's guitar part in the bridge and ending is

And again like most of her songs.


Intro - Get the strum pattern from the song, I can't remember

Csus D* D# G Csus GE|-3--3---0--0-5---3--3--|-3-----3-|B|-3--3---5--5-5---3--3--|-3-----3-|G|-0--0---0--0-0---0--0--|-0-----0-|D|-2--2---4--4-4---0--0--|-2-----0-|A|-3--3---5--5-5---2--2--|-3-----2-|E|-0--0------------3--3--|-0-----3-| (x2)
* I'm not sure if this is a D, I've seen it in Incubus tabs before.. but I'm just gonna call it a D to D#, just for reference purposes. Chords: -Refer to above Dsus - xx0233 Emsus - 022033 VERSE I Csus D,D# G Csus G Of all the things.... Csus D,D# G Csus G I just want to.... Csus D,D# G Dsus Emsus Tears form behind...... Dsus Csus counting the days... Csus D,D# G Csus G I've been searching..... Csus D,D# G Csus G Words that I'm hearing..... Csus D,D# G Dsus Emsus Feels like I'm starting... D Csus The last 3 years.... Csus And I said CHORUS G D Emsus Csus Good bye to you G Dsus Emsus Goodbye to .... G Dsus Emsus You ..... Dsus Csus The one thing.... IMTRO II - Do the riff from the beginning VERSE II Csus D,D# G Csus G I still... Csus D,D# G Csus G And it seems.... Csus D,D# G Dsus Emsus Closing my eyes..... Dsus Csus to a place..... Csus But... CHORUS G D Emsus Csus Good bye to you G Dsus Emsus Goodbye...... G Dsus Emsus You..... Dsus Csus The one thing..... BRIDGE RIFF - It looks like a D chord pushed up the frets a bit high
Figure out the strum pattern yourself right here. Don't play the Bridge riff for the last line the part where shes says "I'm not gonna give in.." CHORUS ENDING - Play the bridge riff and end off on a G chord {-----------------------------------------------------------------} {-----------------------SECOND GUITAR PART------------------------} {-----------------------------------------------------------------} NO CAPO NEEDED
Riff After 1 st chorusE|---------------------------------V-|B|---------------16-14-13-14---11-13-|G|---------8-------------------------|D|---6---6---6-----------------------|A|-8---6-----------------------------|E|-----------------------------------|
Riff after 2nd line of VerseE|-------------|B|-------------|G|-10-8--------|D|------11-10--|A|-------------|E|-------------|
E|---8-9-8--6p4-------------|B|------------------------6-|G|-8--------------6---6/8---|D|--------------------------|A|--------------------------|E|--------------------------| x2
E|---8-9-8--6p4-------------|B|------------------------6-|G|-8--------------6---6/8---|D|--------------------------|A|--------------------------|E|--------------------------| x3
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