Michelle Branch - Id Rather Be In Love tab

Title: I'd Rather Be In LoveArtist: Michelle BranchAlbum: The Spirit RoomKey: F majorStandard TuningE--------------------------------------------------|B--------------------------------------------------|G--------------------------------------------------|D--------------------------------------------------|A--------------------------------------------------|E--------------------------------------------------|
IntroGuitar 1E--------------------|B-10--10---8h10--10--|G--------------------|D--------------------| X4A--------------------|E--------------------|
Quiet Piano PartE---------------------/-----------------------|B-10--10-10--10-8-8-8-/--10--10-10--10-8-8-8--|G---------------------/-----------------------|D---------------------/-----------------------| X2A---------------------/-----------------------|E---------------------/-----------------------|
N.B. Quiet Piano Part is played simultanously with Guitar 1
Guitar 2E-------10p8-6----/--------10p8-6----------------|B----6---------6--/-----6---------6--8--5--6-----|G-7---------------/--7------------------------7--|D-----------------/------------------------------|A-----------------/------------------------------|E-----------------/------------------------------|
Guitar 3Intro/Verse N.B. Kicks in with Guitar 2 Dm Bb F CE------------------------------------|B------------------------------------|G-7--7--x-7--3-3--x-------------5-5--|D-7--7--x-7--3-3--x--3--3--x-3--5-5--| X3A-5--5--x-5--1-1--x--3--3--x-3--3-3--|E--------------------1--1--x-1-------|
Chorus Guitar 1 Pick around same chord sequence as Guitar 2 Use the more fuller chords and clean sound
Guitar 2 F C G Dm CE-------------------------------------------------|B-------------------------------------------------|G-------------5--5-5--5-x-------------7--7-x-5--5-|D-3--3-3--3-x-5--5-5--5-x-5--5-5--5-x-7--7-x-5--5-|A-3--3-3--3-x-3--3-3--3-x-5--5-5--5-x-5--5-x-3--3-|E-1--1-1--1-x-------------3--3-3--3-x-------------|
F C G BbE---------------------------------------------|B---------------------------------------------|G-------------5--5-5--5-x-------------5--5--5-|D-3--3-3--3-x-5--5-5--5-x-5--5-5--5-x-5--5--5-|A-3--3-3--3-x-3--3-3--3-x-5--5-5--5-x-1--1--1-|E-1--1-1--1-x-------------3--3-3--3-x---------|
After 1st ChorusE--------10p8-6----------------|B-----6---------6--8--5--6-----|G--7------------------------7--|D------------------------------|A------------------------------|E------------------------------|
After 2nd Chorus, 3rd Chorus and BridgeE-------10p8-6----/--------10p8-6----------------|B----6---------6--/-----6---------6--8--5--6-----|G-7---------------/--7------------------------7--|D-----------------/------------------------------|A-----------------/------------------------------|E-----------------/------------------------------|
Bridge G Bb G BbE-----------------------------------------|B-----------------------------------------|G-----------------------------------------|D-5------7--8------7--5------7--8------7--|X2A-5------7--8------7--5------7--8------7--|E-3------5--6------5--3------5--6------5--|
Outro Bb FE-------------------------1--|B-------------------------1--|G-3-----------------------2--|D-3------3--2-------------3--|A-1------------3---1-0----3--|E----------------------3--1--|
Verse 1 Dm Bb I cannot help it F C I couldn't stop it if I tried Dm Bb The same old heartbeat F C Dm Bb fills the emptyness I have inside F C And I've heard that you can't fight love Dm Bb so I won't complain F C Bb Coz why would I stop the fire that keeps me going on Chorus F Coz when there's you C I feel whole G Dm And there's no better feelin in this world Bb F But without you C I'm alone G Bb And I'd rather be in love with you Verse 2 Dm Bb Turn out the lights now F C To see is to believe Dm Bb I just want you near me F C Dm Bb I just want you here with me F C Dm Bb And I'd give up everything only for you F C Bb It's the least that I could do Repeat Chorus, but add on Dm Bb F C and I feel you holding me Dm Bb F C Bridge G Bb G Why are we afraid to be in love? Bb G To be loved Bb I can't explain it G Bb I know it's tough to be loved Dm Bb F C and I feel you holding me Dm Bb F C Bb Oh Repeat Chorus X2 but add on G Bb Yes I'd rather be in love G Bb Oh I'd rather be in love with you Dm Bb F C and I feel you holding me Bb F Oh h - hammer on p - pull off b - bend string up r - release bend / - slide up \ - slide down v - vibrato (sometimes written as ~) t - tap (with strumming hand) x - muted, struck string This tab is for a girl I saw on the Northern Line, London Underground on June 22nd 2002, with her mum been shopping around 7pm. Before I could get a chance to talk to her, I realised I was on the wrong f ing train. I didn't even catch her name!!! Neways, enough of my tales of love and loss. This is my 1st tab, and this is one of my fav songs on Michelle Branch's album. If there any mistakes, give me a break, I'm only 16!!! If you do have any enquires feel free to e-mail me at froilan@legaspi.fsnet.co.uk Plz, no stalkers!!!
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