Michelle Branch – Stewarts Coat tab

From: "Levi Ichabod" 
Subject: b/branch_michelle/stewarts_coat.crd
Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2002 16:05:36 +0800

Stewarts Coat
By Michelle Branch
Tabbed out by Levi Lee    12/12/01

Standard tuning
Should be easy to play once you've got the timing straight.
Neat song. =)


Bm		024432
G		320033
C		x32010
Dsus2/F#	200233

Riff 1

E |------------------------------------------B |------------------------------------------G |--------0------------0-------0------------D |------0----0---0---0-------0--------------A |-------------2---3------------------------E |--3---------------------2-----------------
Riff 2
E |------------------------------------------B |--------3------------3--------3-----------G |-----------0------------------------------D |------0--------0---0-------0--------------A |-------------2---3------------------------E |--3---------------------2-----------------
Riff 3
E |--------3------------3--------3-----------B |--------3------------3--------3-----------G |-----------0------------------------------D |------0--------0---0-------0--------------A |-------------2---3------------------------E |--3---------------------2-----------------
Intro Riff 1 X4 Verse Riff 1 X5 Verse 2 Riff 2 X4 Bridge Bm C G Dsus2/F# /--------------------------------------------\_
/riff progressions from here on are inaccurate.\\Figure riff and lyrics matching on your own. / \If you like the song enough, you'll do it / \in no time. I've done what I can. =) / \----------------------------------------/
Verse Riff 2 x4 Chorus Riff 3 x8 Verse Riff 1 x4 Riff 2 x5 Chorus x2 Riff 3 x15 It's amazing what 16 year olds can do. I'm already 17 and my inspiration and respect goes to Michelle. Actually, I think im just envious. Any comments, suggestions, concerns? write me at levi_ichabod@hotmail.com
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