Michelle Branch - You Get Me tab

you get me

C               G
 so im a little left of center

Am            G
  im a little out of tune

 some say im paranormal

  so i just bend their spoon

C                G
 who wants to be ordinary

Am           G
  in a crazy mixed up world

 i dont care what their sayin

  as long as im your girl

Dm              G
  hey, you were on my side

Dm                G
  they, they just rolled their eyes


C Am F G
 you-ou get me

C                 Am 
 when nobody understands

F                      G
  you come and take the chance (baby)

C Am F G
 you-ou get me

 you look inside my wild mind

 never knowing what you'll find

 still you want me all the time

 yeah, you do

 cause you get me

(same progression as beginning)

so what if i see the sunshine

through the pouring rain

some people think im crazy

you say its ok

you've seem my secret garden

where all my flowers grow

in my imagination

anything goes

(bridge progession)

i, i am all you want

they, they just read me wrong


solo A-Em-G  
(im not so sure about this solo...
but it'll work if you cant figure it out)

hey you were on my side

they they just rolled their eyes

(pause) yeah yeah yeah

continue the same ( i just try this and it's workin')

if u have michelle branch,john mayer,nirvana tabs/chord,send to
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