Michelle Shocked - Ballad Of Patch Eye And Meg tab

G                  C*                   G               D       
Wandering back to when I was a kid and went down to the docks to
G                 C*               G                       D
Watch the old men carving wood and watch the sailors tying knots
G                      D              C                     G
But the thing that I remember best is gray-haired old Patch Eye
        C                              G                  D      
And the stories that he told about his younger days as we watched those 
ships roll by.
                G                   D
CHORUS:	        He talked about his missing eye and
                C                      G
		He talked about his wooden leg
		C                              G
		But he never told me about the old tattoo
		D                          G
		On his right arm that said Meg

*This C note can probably be played as a G note as well. Both sound fine to me.
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