Mick Flannery - Smiling Girl chords

Song  - Smiling Girl
Album - White Lies
Artist- Mick Flannery

Note: notes in (x)  are hard to hear but they're there. 
 feel free to leave a comment if you spot a mistake or anything.


AmShe was the smiling girl,
AmIt could light up the world,
GAnd well did she know,
AmThat she had a hold on a man,
AmThe more that she showed to a man,
GThe more she controlled,
Am‘Cause she was the smiling girl,
AmThey said, “Keep away from the girl,
C EShe’ nothin’ but bad news.”
AmAnd she had a jealous man,
AmSaid she wanted rid of him,
GShe lay by my side,
AmAn’ he was the hard-workin’ kind,
AmNothin’ but her on his mind,
GShe was his prize,
Am‘Cause she was the smiling girl,
AmSaid, “What do you want from me girl,
C EBlood on my hands?”
Am C G And oh boy, you were warned this would happen!
Am C G And oh lord, you’d have known this was comin,
AmYeah, he came out lookin’ for her,
CHe found us both together,
E AmBeware the wrath of the jealous man,
If he could not be with her,
CThen she could be with no other,
E AmAnd so it is and will always be.
OUTRO (instrumental): (Am C E) Repeat and end on Am
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