Mick Flannery - Cut It Clean chords

Mick Flannery  Cut It Clean
As seen on Muzu.tv
Tabbed by Pa Norton

This song is finger picked its fairly straight forward watch the video and you ll figure it out


C GSat here watching the sun slip away
C G FAll your roses as dead as the day and now
C G FNothing moves in this house
C GI dont know what I want any more
C G FDry throat as you walk out the door I know
C G FYou cant be seen here tomorrow
C G FYou cant be seen here with me
CI like you
You like me
G We re over
AmYou cut it clean
You shut me out
G You shut me out
VERSE All the world and the simplest of things If she knew just how easy that ring comes off Off and on What Id give to be somebody else Dont you wish that you never met me now Or stepped foot in this house Where your shame walks around La la la How you got to the weakness in me If you want me you know where Ill be
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