Mick Flannery – Christmas Past chords ver. 2

Off the White Lies album great song.

Mick play's this one on the piano hitting single root bass notes
which gives it that haunting sound.

Intro: | Dm | F | C | Am | (x4)


Dm F C AmSnowmen in the field I see,
Dm F C AmRide the coal bags down the hill with me.
Dm F C AmHey look you got Rudolph's nose,
Dm F C Am Put my hat on you'll get cold.
F CNow let's have a snowball fight,
Am DmI always want you on my side.
F CSit down by the fire with me,
Am DmLet's try and climb the Christmas tree.
Verse: And you and I alone will go, I will walk you all the way back home. And we will talk about the school and things, And I will see you tomorrow please. Oh yeah I forgot this part, This is where you break my heart. You told me that you loved me then, Did you really mean it friend. Bridge:
Dm GmAnd don't go telling me lies love,
Dm CTell me the truth love, tell me the truth love.
F GmCause that way I won't have to know love,
DmWon't have to see love.
C AmWon't have to ask the ghost,
DmOf Christmas past.
Outro: | Dm | F | C | Am | (x4) Another great song of Mick's, hope you enjoyed it. colinthelips 03/01/2013 Ultimate Guitar
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