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Mickey Harte – Never Wanna Let You Down tab

Title: Never Wanna Let You Down
Artist: Mickey Harte
Album: Sometimes Right Sometimes Wrong
Transcriped by: Ceithre
Tuning: Standard

Hello everybody!
I'm here to give ye chords to an artist not too well known (yet)!
His name is Mickey (Joe) Harte from Donegal in Ireland!
The winner of the You're a Star contest in Ireland in the year 2003!
He has made tours to America, Denmark and Germany and is supported in Ireland by a huge
fanbase! If you want more information about this individual, ther are plenty of sites on
the wonderous invention called the internet! Is more well known as Mickey Joe Harte!

Here are the chords to a song from his debut album!

(Put the capo on the 3rd fret)

Intro: (Finger Picking)

Em/// C/// D/// D/// 2x

Verse 1:

Em           D
You Wouldn't Forget it
I told you it would only leave a bit of taste
Em            D
Now look what ya started
There's no use pretending it's any other way


Em D   C
Ya say the finest things in life are free
Em D   C                       D
Like me and all those little insurities


G                Em                    A
Like a ship lost at sea, so low, rescue me
You Know I Never wanna let you down
G               Em                  A
Like two storms collide, a thorn in your side
You know I Never wanna let you down
G     Em                A
No-o, I never wanna let you down
Ye-ah, Never wanna let you down

Verse 2:

Em            D
Take all that you can now
I hope that you've learnt how to stand on your own
Em               D
Though it's true that I knew
You were always better of that way

Repeat Bridge + Chorus


Em      D       C       
Badada, Badada, Badada, Badadadada
Em      D           C
Badada, ooh Badada, Badada, ooh

Repeat Chorus 2x
Repeat Bridge

Finish on G

Well that's it!
Look out for his album if you want to get it and if you have never heard of him! He is
class but better in concert! Available in all Irish record stores!

I have a tab for the Red Hot Chili Peppers song Shallow Be Thy Game on this site if you wanna check it out!

So until next time, 
Ceithre is out!
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