Mickey Newbury - A Weed Is A Weed chords

A Weed Is A Weed 

C F Bb FAh, when I was a boy I was wild I was lazy
C I was the shame of my dad
F Bb FYes, the women and the wine, they were drivin' me crazy
C FIt was so good to be bad
And I got a job runnin' cheap bootleg whiskey Down on the Arkansas line From Memphis to Pine Bluff in a hopped up ole Jimmy I had to be out of my mind Chorus:
Bb F Well, you'll know the crop by the seeds that are sowed
CDo all your plantin' with care
Bb FWater and ground will make anything grow
C F But a weeds still a weed anywhere
I met a girl in a bar down in Memphis She was the good lookin' kind She told me how she was drawn to the misfits Trouble was all I did find Verse 1 + Chorus
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