Mickey Newbury – Good Morning Dear chords

Good Morning, Dear  

C /B Were the nights any sweeter
C/A /G F /E /D /C Were the mornings any cooler, when she was here?
G/B G G/B G CWas the mind accustomed to hearing "Good morning Dear"?
Should I still feel all the sunshine That remembering brings to my mind in thoughts of her? When Lord, we both know things could never be the way they were
D /D# Her little girl illusion
D/B /A G /F# /E /D Builds a walls of confusion between right and wrong
A/C# A A/C# A DThey stand there between her and the dreams that I've cherished too long
All faded and tattered But once all that mattered when she was here And this mind's growed accustomed to hearing her say "Good morning dear"? Verse 1
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