Microphones - I Felt My Size chords

C	Fm	Am	G

C Fmthe heat from the closeness of me tilting towards the sun
Am Gwas storing up to ignite the night and light up
C Fmthe coldness of the cave the billowy flames lit up my face
Am Gthe thinning smoke hung in the branches waiting for wind
F Fmmy front was warm, the cold backs of my arms
Am Gnever felt the dawn, the night was long
C Fmwhen the real dawn came i saw it crawl over the hill
Am Gand i felt clean and shook my hair out in the light
C Fmi looked up and hurt my eyes on the painful powerful sky
Am Gi looked down and felt motion under me
C Fmi looked out across the freeway at the people flying by
Am Gand turned my head, i closed my eyes, i felt my size
F Fmi recalled my fire, and my lack of dawn
Am Gmy one sided warmth, i just wanted more
C Fmbut i'm small, i'm not a planet at all
Am G Ci'm small, i'm small, we are all
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