Microphones - The Glow Part 2 chords version 1

			     THE GLOW PT.2 - The Microphones
Tabbed by: Volpone

Tuning: Standard tuning, 1/4 step sharp


F C Db|x---|xxxx-|xxxx-|
Em Bm Ci took my shirt off in the yard
Em Bm Cno one saw that the skin on my shoulders was golden
Emnow it's not
Bmmy shirt's back on
Ci forgot my songs
the glow is gone
Em Bm C my gliding body stopped
(single down-stroke)
Em Bm Ci could not get through september without a battle
Emi faced death
Bm Ci went in with my arms swinging
Embut i heard my own breath
Bm Ci had to face that i'm still living
Emi'm still flesh
Bm Ci hold on to life with feelings
Emi'm not dead
Bmthere's no end
Cmy face is red
Em Bm Cmy blood flows harshly
Em Bm Cmy heart beats loudly
Em Bmmy chest still draws breath
Ci hold it
Em Bm Ci'm boiling
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