Microphones - Karl Blau chords

C* = x  i realize this isnt really a variant of C, not sure what to call it though

Blue moon

GWaded out past the wave's swell
Fwhere we all floated hopeless
Amand he told us to stop treading water
Che sang about the sand
Gwhere we could all touch our feet down
Fhe held out his hand
Amwith his tipped back he sang loud
C C* Am F Gbut he didn't listen, he swam off alone
C C* Am F Glong live his words, all caught up on his own
C C* Am F Ghe said "someday the moon will reach out to the sun
F G C C* Am F G Am but for now it must drift along, but for now he drifts along"
this sounds pretty right to me, just what i figured out while messing around with a friend
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