Middle Brother - Middle Brother chords

Pretty simple, listen to the song to get the rhythm. I couldn't find official 
lyrics online so I wrote these out, I think they are pretty close. Use bar chords 
in the verses and regular chords in the chorus. Awesome band, great song.

Intro G A D G

GStay hydrated from a double shot
AGet my nourishment from a punch in the gut
DNever really felt I had the best of luck
GI got a big big mouth that just a won't shut up
GHop in the car turn the radio on
AOut from the speakers a familiar song
DHead down the road start to hum along
GMade it all the way home and left the TV on
C D G G7But I'm gonna learn to fly an airplane
C D G G7And its gonna make my mama proud
E Am A7I'm gonna get my dad to notice me
DEven if I have to fly it into the ground
GI know my days are numbered but I'm bad at math
AI got a dick so hard that a cat couldn't scratch
DMade some bad decisions, I shouldn't go back
GI can't see her its just not like that
GYou see I had this lovely baby but I roughed her up
AThere's a little ounce of pain behind every grunt
DAll the noise that I make, I shouldn't complain
GRegrets, tourettes, I guess its the same
C D G G7But I'm gonna learn to fly an airplane
C D G G7I'm gonna make my children proud
E Am A7I'm gonna make them all respect me
DLike when I first showed up in town
(Guitar Solo) (Piano Solo)
GPlenty of money coming in cause I get child support
ATo a family who don't want me but don't leave me alone
DIt's a terrible way to live but it ain't my choice
GI signed away all my earnings on a little invoice
GI'd like to be the hero on the evening news
ASmiling in the face of danger like theres nothing to loose
DTaking out terrorists that self detonate
GTelling kids to stay in school and always get good grades
C D G G7And I'm gonna learn to fly an airplane
C D G G7And I'm gonna make my country proud
E Am A7I'm send this off to Nashville
DAnd sell my soul to a whole new crowd
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