Midnight Oil – Short Memory tab

Midnight Oil - Short Memory

(tune down one fret to match the album)


That's about it. Obviously, you'll have to listen to the song to get the timing and the subtleties of this truly brilliant song. LYRICS: Conquistador of Mexico The Zulu and the Navaho The Belgians in tht Congo Short Memory Plantation in Virginia The Raj in British India The deadline in South Africa Short Memory The story of El Salvador The silence of Hiroshima Destruction of Cambodia Short Memory Short memory, must have a short memory Short memory, must have a short memory The sight of hotels by the Nile The designated Hilton style With running water specially bought Short memory A smallish man Afghanistan A watchdog in a nervous land They're only there to lend a hand Short memory The friendly five a dusty smile Wake up in sweat at dead of night And in the tents new rifles, hey, short memory Short memory, must have a short memory Short memory, must have a short memory End.
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