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Subject: SHAKERS & MOVERS - Oils
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Date: Mon, 11 Oct 1993 11:20:36 GMT

H stands for B in America
h stands for Bm.
c stands for Cm.
cis stands for C#m.
Cis stands for C#... and so on.

The notation C(g" f" e" d" c") means you play C major plus the line
g" f" e" d" c", where g" means the note g on the upper E string etc.

Shakers and Movers - Midnight Oil

A D A fis D E A
A D A fis A D A D

 A          D       A        fis
Won't you come on down the line
   D        E       A
Away from barren ground
      A     D       A    fis
The harlot and the autocrat
           D           E       A
Are they driving you further down
E              fis       h        fis
The season's rhymes, they anchor me
   D                h
Against the raging tide

 A        D       A          fis
Take you to the last wild place
   D           E            A
Skin and the stars they embrace
    A       D       A       fis
A caveman could a saint become
       D        E           A
In a hospital ward on the Somme
E        fis       h        fis
We can dive into distant amoebas
      D                       h   fis E fis E
Our wings could melt in the sun

        fis   E
I can shake
        fis   G
I can move
        fis           h         fis  E
But I can't live without your love
        fis   E
I can break
       fis   G
Over you
        fis           h         fis    D fis D fis   E
But I can't live without your love

A     D              A    fis
Our poet Henry Lawson he named them
D            E       A
The lay 'em out brigade
  A         D     A        fis   A D A D
Here they come there they go
A          D      A      fis
Oh great god of development
        D       E      A
Don't really know you yet
A           D          A         fis
Coastline hosed down washed away
     D            E              A
Economics, now there's nothing left
E            fis       h           fis
Tomorrow's child takes concrete footsteps
              D                     h       D A A E
And they'll drink champagne or be damned

          D         A          E
And the storm is breaking now
           D         A          E
Yeah the storm is breaking now
          D         A          E
Yes the storm is breaking now



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