Mighty Midgets – Still Not Getting Laid tab

Mighty Midgets is a great pop punk band from Aalborg, Denmark. They have a great website
www.mightymidgets.dk, and they'll soon be avaible at the "Punk Rock Generation" comp.

Verse 1:
E		     B
Don't get a million fucks for writing this song tonight
         C#eii		      A
Don't get a million bucks for getting outta bed
E		          B
Don't get on the front page for passing out at the pub
         C#eii                         A            G#    F#
Don't get fancy celebrities at my BBQ

               C#                           A
Yeah we managed to form a band
                E                          B
And then play some decent shows
                G#        A         G#       F#
But we're still not getting laid every night

Mellem: E-N.C. I G#-F# I x2

Verse 2:
E                   B         C#                A
Don't get a million drugs for playing my guitar tonight
               E              B              C#
Don't ever get any chicks cus I'm so fucking ugly
          A                G#        F#
But we're still allowed to dream
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