Mighty Mighty Bosstones - Chasing The Sun Away tab

Artist: The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
Song: Chasing The Sun Away
Album: A Jacknife To A Swan
Tabbed By: Ade Percival
E-Mail: internetdatingsuperstud405@hotmail.com

Intro/Verse (Ska Strums)e|-33333-33333-|B|-33333-55555-|G|-44444-55555-|D|-55555-------|A|-------------|E|-------------|
Then back to part one again
Middle (On the 4th time strum the G once)e|----------|B|----------|G|-----55-3-|D|-5-5-55-3-|A|-5-5-33-1-|E|-3-3------|
After this just play the verse then theres a small breakdown where, again you just play verse but with a different strum pattern. But apart from that, thats basically it. Intro(x2) Verse(x4) Pre-Chorus(Pt1)(x1) Pre-Chorus(Pt2)(x1) Pre-Chorus(Pt1)(x1) Chorus(x2) Intro(x2) Verse(x4) Pre-Chorus(Pt1)(x1) Verse(x1) Pre-Chorus(x1) Chorus(x4) Pre-Chorus(x1) Middle(x4)(On the 4th time just strum the G once) Verse(x7) Pre-Chorus(x1) Chorus(x4) End On G Thats everything but if anyone could tab 'Someday I Suppose' then that would be great. next song I'm going to post is 'Hope I Never Loose My Wallet'.
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