Miike Snow – Silvia chords ver. 2

Em G C (x2)

Em G CReach the city steps tonight
Em G CFollowing the power lines
Em G CMet a man barside
Em G CWith eclipses for eyes... etc, etc.
And you tell yourself you wont let them touch Did I say too much did i say enough I don't know Sylvia I don't know Sylvia Circle round the room still Often breaking my will Know I can't have you here Someone else on your skin And it's all my fault for not getting off So you made it start, can you make it stop? You don't know Sylvia You don't know Sylvia Daamn Daamn Reach the city steps tonight Following the power lines And your skin is so white Underneath the black night And your voice cries out for the Coup de grace When the lights go out... will there be a trace ? That I love, Silvia That I loved, Silvia That I loved, Silvia
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