Over My Shoulder tab with lyrics by Mika - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Mika – Over My Shoulder tab

- Mika ~ Over My Shoulder -
-    Tabbed by Freddy     -

Intro: (It's not exactly the Piano but it fits to the theme) 

|-1-1-----1--|-3-3---0-0--| |-3---3-----3|-3---3-2---2| |-2-----2----|-3-----0----| |------------|------------| |-0----------|-------0----| |------------|-3----------|
dm gm Over my shoulder. Bb F A7 Running away. dm gm Feels like I'm falling. Bb F A7 Losing my day. dm Cold! gm And dry! Bb Cold! F A7 And dry. Play the rest of the song using this chord pattern.
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