Mika - By The Time chords

Wow, my first one ^^ 
Hope I've got it right, though I'm pretty sure it is. Put a capo 
on 5 if you want to play along to the track, but if you're just 
singin' with your guitar... I found this a much easier tone to sing 
to XD
Well, here are the chords to yet another beautiful Mika Masterpiece:

C EmDon't wake up, won't wake up, can't wake up, no, don't wake me up
C EmIt's the early morn'
AmLights flick on
Dm G CSleepy eyes peek through the blinds at something wrong
EmMotionless remains the mess
Am Dm GShame, such a beautiful, beautiful, young life
C Em Am By the time I'm dreaming, and you've crept out on me sleeping
Dm G CI'm busy in the blissful unaware
Em AmBy the time I'm dreaming, and you've crept out on me sleeping
Dm G CTell me, how am I supposed to care?
Then repeat the 'Don't wake up' bit, and another verse + chorus. After the second chorus, the bridge starts. Only I couldn't really figure that one out. I hope someone will. Maybe I will, some day. If someone else finds it before I do and wants to post it with the rest of this song, please do. I would not feel offended: I have no rights to this song, these chords are just what I heard when I tried it on my guitar; anyone as much a novice as myself could have heard it, all one needs to do is take the time for it.. Much love from me and remember... love love MIKA! Ruby
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