Mika - Kick Ass chords version 2

This song kicks ass. I know it's lame but it's the TRUTH. It rocks. 
My tab is almost similar to the one already on UG but I added the bridge 
and the rest of the lyrics. Oh, right, I remembered something else: 
try to play a 'G'-bass-note in between the chords Am and the following F. 
To add a little bass to it, it's a nice touch. And not difficult ;) 
Well, ENJOY this awesome song! xD

F C G AmWe are young, we are strong, we're not looking for where we belong
F C G AmWe're not cool, we are free, and we're running with blood on our knees
F C G Am
F C GWe could rule the world, on a silver platter
Am FFrom the wrong to the right light, to an open stream
C GWith a crash and burn we could make it better
Am FTurn it upside down, just you and me
C G AmWe are the dream, no other way to be
F C GI could rule the world, I could make it better
Am FKick it up and down, took a chance on me
C GWith your fake smile, and you think you're better
Am FGonna put it down, rip it at your feet
C G AmNo bridge to burn, nowhere to turn for me
(Chorus) Bridge:
F G C F G AmWhat do they know about us? Are they thinking of somebody else?
F E Am F G CAre they wondering what we might be? Are they thinking of you or of me?
(Chorus, repeat and fade)
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