Mika - One Foot Boy chords version 2

CAPO on 2nd

D What's a matter
Gwith going places?
Em A Take that gross look off your faces
D G Empty loving makes me seasick
Em A What you're here for, I don't need it
DI'll say nothing on your microphone
GTill you swear to take me home
EmThere's a one foot boy eleven stone
AHe's sitting on my shoulder
DI'm too scared to look away,
GHe comes here almost everyday
Em AAnd everyday I push him off and tell him boy we're over
GI think my mind is gone
EmI'm left here wondering
AWas I crazy all along?
DWhat do I do?
GNothing left but pray
Gonna shoot somebody
Em AHelp me drive this craziness away
DI'm happy on my own
etc... :)
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