Mike Batt – Caravan Song tab

Left handed
			     CARAVAN SONG - Mike Batt
Tabbed by: Sebastian Manke
Email: sebastianmanke@gmx.de

Tuning: Standard (EADGBE)

I transcribed this directly from the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
"Caravans" by Mike Batt & the London Philharmonic Orchestra. I didn't find
any tab on the Internet, but it's really beautiful!
This is my first tab, so please tell me increases/corrections.

Intro: D  Dsus4  D  Dsus4 (2X)


    D              E
The early light is breaking,
    Em             A               Bm
The morning sun is waiting in the sky.
       E               A/A7     
And I think I'm gonna break away,
     D                E                A    A7      
And follow where the birds of freedom fly.
           D    D7
I need to give,
           G    E
I need to live;
For the world is slowly turning,
        Em                 A/A7          D
And the lights of love are burning in my eyes.


        D7            G
Oh, my soul is on the run,
    Em         D    A
Overland, I am flying;
       D7           G
Moving out into the sun,
       Em                   A            G A/A7 D
Oh, I don't know where I'm going, but I'm going


  D              E
I wish I had the wisdom
   Em               A                 Bm
To find some simple words to make you see,
         E                  A/A7
That the things that mean a lot to you
      D              E             A    A7
Don't always seem to mean a lot to me
          D    D7
I need to breathe,
          G    E
I need to leave;
When the sands of time go drifting by
  Em           A/A7               D
I may be on my own, but I'll feel free

Refrain (2x)
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