Mike Doughty - Ossining tab

Awesome song... the beauty is in the simplicity.  Though the strum pattern may take a
while to get used to in order to sing along and play at the same time.  A trick that
not everyone is told is to keep your hand going at the same rhythm for the entire song. 
For this song, your hand should hit the bottom of the strum when the bass drum hits, and
top on the off-beat.  You shouldn't have to think "play-stop-start" or change the rhythm
of your hand at all for this song.

B: X24442
F#: 244322 (sounds just as good to substitute F#7)
C#: X46664

Start with muted F and slide up to F# to start the song. 
B F# (x 4)

B      F#    B        F#  (Same until end of chorus) 
Put my faith in the price of mud
And my lord shall match the pounds,
Ten thousand days and a night spelunking
Kill my years in the lightning round, 
Confound it

Why not
Seek Ossining
These threes and foursomes

Why not

Seek Ossining

This time around?

(Go back to B F# pattern until next chorus)
No, not a maze, but like blazed-out inner star
Disclosed completely in a plain film canister
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