Mike Ness - Devil In Ms Jones tab


Bbm Ab Gb--1---------X--------X----------------------|--2---------1--------1----------------------|--3---------1--------2----------------------|--3---------1--------3----------------------|--1---------2--------3----------------------|--X---------3--------X----------------------|
It helps to snap a capo on the 1st fret. Listen to the song too. Ness picks his index up during the Bbm at times, so you'll need to get that timing. Starts on Bbm Verse 1 Bbm Ab Bbm The days of wine and roses were a long time ago Bbm Ab Bbm The proms, teenage crusin' and the picture show Bbm Ab Bbm You tried so hard to fix your outsides Bbm Ab Bbm Until you realized that I took everything dear inside Chorus Ab Give me your heart Bbm Give me your soul Gb I'll take you when you're young Bbm The devil in miss Jones
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