Mike Peters – Newtown Jericho Acoustic tab

Am Am/Geb|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|Bb|----------1-----------------1--------------------1--------------1--------|Gb|------2------2---2------2-------2---2--------2-----2---2----2-----2----2-|Db|---2----2------2------2---2-------2-------2----2-----2----2---2-----2----|Ab|-0------------------0----------------------------------------------------|Eb|---------------------------------------3----------------3----------------|
Am Am/G See them run like characters in paintings Am Turners frightening 'scapes Am/G F C Industrial inside a nation of no escape G D No escape in my frightened face F Esus4 E As we run, run, run and turn to stone Am G OH LORD hear me now D F The fanfare sounds in Newtown Jericho Am G OH LORD the wailing sound D F Esus4 Of helpless souls in Newtown Jericho Am Am/G See them fall the Rebecca ride at dawn Am Petticoat ghost and tom Am/G F C Working to reclaim the land for no reward G D No reward my daughters of dawn F Esus4 E As we run, run, run and turn to stone Am I've been down amongst the crying there Am/G Upon my knees I'm dying Am See Polsen dragged across the city walls Am/G F Upon a wooden horse Am G F This is Jericho, Jericho Am G F Esus4 E This is Jericho, Jericho
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