Mike Peters – Spirit Of 76 Acoustic tab

Tuning:EbChords are appregiated throughout.INTRO: G Ce|-------------0------------------------0----------------------------------|B|--------3-------3------3---------3-------3-----3-------------------------|G|-----0----0------------------0------0------------------------------------|D|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|A|--------------------------3----------------3-----------------------------|E|--3---------------3------------------------------------------------------|
G C G Well I find myself in reverie, 'bout what we might have had C And what might have been G C We had something going once D That was such a long, long time ago G C G C It was way back in '76 our friendship formed of pure innocence G C We first met on Mathew Street D And we heard something that would set us free Em G D A sign stands over a door, it says "Four lads who shook the world" Am C Em C In the depths of those heady nights we would dream of those bright lights D Oh my friend, Oh my friend, Oh my friend G G/F# Cadd9 Em7 Somewhere tonight out on the street G G/F# Cadd9 D Em7 Somewhere beneath this city's heat Cadd4 D Em In the eyes of strangers who pass me by G Cadd9 D Em Life is cruel and so unkind C Oh, Oh the SPIRIT OF '76 And my friend John, he went away and he made some mistakes Spent time in Walton jail And now when I see him we still talk but there's no light shining in his eyes And Susie, she was 17 and more beauty in this world I swear you'll never see I was gonna be king and she was gonna be queen But now all she does is hide behind the tears If there was more sense in this world and work wasn't so hard to find You would not be going your way, I would not be going mine Oh my friend, Oh my friend, Oh my friend G G/F# Em C D Em Mersey lights shine in the distance same as they did for us then Em C D Em Mersey lights shine bright in the distance where are you now my friend? G C D You see some nights when I can't sleep, I still think of you Am G Of all the promises, all the dreams we shared A G I know those lights still call to you C C G I can hear them now, I can hear them now And now me, I've seen my dreams come true But that don't make me no hero I'm just one of the lucky few If a man can't change the world these days I still believe a man can change his own destiny But the price is high that has got to be paid For everyone who survives there are many who fail Seen my friends caught out in that crossfire All their dreams and hopes smashed on the funeral pyre I will never give in until the day that I die I get myself some independence Carve out a future with these two bare hands Oh my friend, Oh my friend, Oh my friend
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