Mike Pinto - Ill Let You In tab

"I'll Let You In" by Mike Pinto
From the album "Little District"

Key of A major


(A) (E) (F#m)e------------5--5--5----------------------7--7--7--------------9--9--9------------------5--5--5--|B------------5--5--5----------------------9--9--9-------------10-10-10------------------7--7--5--|G------------6--6--6----------------------9--9--9-------------11-11-11------------------7--7--5--|D------------7--7--7----------------------9--9--9-------------11-11-11------------------7--7--5--|A---4-7------7--7--7------4---7>9--7---7--7--7--7-----4--7--9--9--9--9----9h11p9--7--5--5--5--5--|E-5-----5----5--5--5---5----------------------------7--------------------------------------------|
Verse: A E Meet me on the roof top, you know we donít have to say how we feel I grab F#m your ear with a song that shows my heart was one day beating, D a song that shows exactly how Iím feeling... Pre-chorus: D slide to E ...Waitin' for love good enough for the taking Chorus: A E And I'll let you in, do do do F#m D I'll let you in, do do do A E I'll let you in, do do do F#m D I'll let you in, do do do
Solo Rhythm>Bridge: (A) (E) (F#m)e------------5--5--5----------------------7--7--7--------------9--9--9---|B------------5--5--5----------------------9--9--9-------------10-10-10---|G------------6--6--6----------------------9--9--9-------------11-11-11---|D------------7--7--7----------------------9--9--9-------------11-11-11---|A---4-7------7--7--7------4---7>9--7---7--7--7--7-----4--7--9--9--9--9---|E-5-----5----5--5--5---5----------------------------7--------------------|
[Chorus] (D) (C#m)---------------5--5--5---------------9--9--9-|---------------7--7--5---------------9--9--9-|---------------7--7--5---------------9--9--9-|---------------7--7--5--------------11-11-11-|-9h11p9--4--5--5--5--5-5h7p5--------11-11-11-|------------------------------7--9---9--9--9-|
Bridge: C#m We don't know what we could find, we could end up F#m hopeless as shoes hanging from telephone lines, you're the last thought in my C#m head before I close my eyes, you still worry that my sun it would never rise F#m I see the sun in your smile, you know how it shines, I hope that A (I'm not really sure on this chord, but it's in key) I could make you mine A E C#m My oh my, baby can't you see? You and I could some how be everything you ever dreamed.... F#m D ...Don't you hide your feelings Chorus, repeat until fade. Sorry I couldn't do the solo or the layered guitars, but if you're playing this solo, sound just fine. Peace ~J.T. jharechmak at scu dot edu
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