Mike Posner – Cooler Than Me chords ver. 3

capo 8

F EIf I could write you a song,
AmAnd make you fall in love,
F E AmI would already have you up under my arm.
F EI used up all my tricks,
AmI hope that you like this.
F EBut you probably won't,
AmYou think you're cooler than me.
F EYou got designer shades,
AmJust to hide your face and
C EYou wear them around like,
AmYou're cooler than me.
F EAnd you never say hey,
AmOr remember my name. and
F EIt's probably cause,
Amyou think you're cooler than me.
Verse 1
F EYou got your hot crowd,
AmShoes on your feet,
F EAnd you wear them around,
AmLike they aint shit.
F EBut you don't know,
AmThe way that you look,
FWhen your steps
E AmMake. That. Much. Noise… Shh
F ESee I got you,
AmAll figured out,
F E AmYou need everyone's eyes just to feel seen.
F EGirl, you're so vain,
Am F EYou probably think that this song is about you.
AmDon't you? Don't you?
Tabbed by Cedrik.m
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