Mike Posner - Gone In September tab version 1


"I used to be a sweetheart I used to be alright I'd tell myself I love you But I'm creeping everynight"e ----------------------------------------------------|b ---------11-----------9------------7-----------7----|g ------------11-----------10-----------8-----------8-|d ------11------------------------8-------------------|a ----9-------------11---------6--------------9-------|e ----------------9------------------------7----------|
"When I met you at the party and I told you were pretty I was honestly just trying to score ( But you made me wait a week just to kiss you on the cheek Now it's breaking my heart to break yours"
Then there's the little rundown at the ende---------6h7p6-------|b---------------7h9---|g-------------------6-|d------8--------------|a---6-----------------|e---------------------|
"I said I loved you in the summer But will I love you in the fall? I thought I wasn't like the others Guess I'm an asshole..."
"...After all. Come september I'll be..."
e--------------| b--7--6--4~~~3-| g--8--6--4~~~4-| d--8--6--4~~~4-| a--6--4--2~~~2-| e--------------|
"...gone gone gone. Come sept I'll be...."e--------------------------------------|b--------11-----------------7----------|g--------11--------10-------8------8---|d--------11--------11-------8------9---|a--------9---------11-------6------9---|e------------------9---------------7---|
end on ".....gone"e------------|b------------|g-10---------|d-11---------|a-11---------|e-9----------|
The rest of the song is the same until the bridge after the second chorus @ 2:34 "I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel bad I've been tryin but I just can't get the feeling back When did I become one..... of the bad guys?"
Then go back to the chorus to end the song. The timing is probably a little off in this tab, but if you listen to the song on the it should be pretty obvious. It's a pretty simple song, just a bit tricky in the beginning. Feel free to rate and leave comments/suggestions. Thanks for looking and good luck!
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