Mikky Ekko – Pull Me Down chords

Learned This Song A Few Days Ago Noticed 
There Was No Tab Drafted Up Yet..
This Is My First Ever Tab But I Hope This Helps :)

Tune Guitar - Half A Step Down.

Chords Used.. 

Bm Bm2 Ga E e --2-----2-----4-----0-- B --2-----2-----4-----0-- G --4-----3-----6-----1-- D --4-----4-----6-----2-- A --2-----2-----4-----2-- E --x-----x-----4-----0--
Lyrics.. Intro - Bm Bm Bm Bm
Bm BmOh I heard you were trouble
Ga And you heard I was trouble
EBut your name is a wave washing over me
BmNo games just a slave to you totally
Bm2 Em2 Cause I don't care about what they say about you virgo Ga And you don't care about what they say about me virgo
EBut you know what they say about trouble
BmPull me down if you want to
Bm2 and I hope that you want to
Ga ECause I want to be your man
And I wanna say it loud
Bm Bm2You can show me where trouble goes
Ga Tell me secrets only trouble knows
E Cause you wanna be my girl
And you wanna say it loud Bm... Same Most Of The Way Through.
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