Miley Cyrus - Clear tab

Miley Cyrus: Meet Miley Cyrus.
It's from the song book, must be correct.
Julianne K

Intro: F-C

It's 6 am and I'm wide awake
Cuz I can't stop thinking bout the stuff you were sayin
F                         C
Me and I, I can't let it slide
The papers not here yet

The suns not up
         C                                                       Dm       C
But I'm not afraid to tell you what I feel inside
I had one of those dreams that made it all so

F                      C
Clear to me now
  Dm                      Am
I got a whole new perspective
               F                    C
It's so clear to me now
           Em                       Am
You can't treat me that way
         F                 C              Dm
It appears to me how you tried to make me think  
It was me who was being the fake
                      F         C      Dm
So clear  

Why did I smile when I hurt inside
Said I was okay when I knew it's a lie
I wanted to believe in you
You took your chances
And one was me
So I'll just forgive you
And set you free
I'm on my way
Yeah I'm steppin out of the haze
And it's so


I wanna put the past behind
Try and maybe I can find better days
Clear to me now
I got a whole new perspective
It's so clear to me now
You can't treat me that way
It's so


Suns going down on a Saturday And I feel alright I feel okay
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