Miley Cyrus - Cant Wait To See You Again tab

I've got my sight set on you, And i'm ready to wait,

I have a heart that will, Never be tamed,

Dm                               Am
I knew you were something special when you spoke my name

F               E           Am 
and I can't wait to see you again I've got a way of knowing,  When something is right,

                                  F                Dm
I feel like I must have known you, In another life,  Cause I felt this deep connection,

Am                              F          E            Am
When you looked in my eyes, now I can't wait to see you again,


F                           C 
The last time I freaked out, I just kept looking down,

I st-st-stuttered when you asked me what I'm thinkin' bout

F                            C 
felt like I couldn't breathe, you asked what's wrong with me

My best friend Lesley said " she's just bein' Miley"

F                         Am                    C 
the next time we hang out, I will redeem myself my heart cant rest till then, 

F                         E             Am 
Whoa whoa I, now I can't wait to see you again
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