Miley Cyrus – Time Of Our Lives chords

Miley Cyrus
Time Of Our Lives
Time Of Our Lives
2009 Hollywood Records
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Key: A

Tuning: Drop D

Chords used: Drop D only
A - 777xxx
D - 000xxx

Chords used: for Standard EADGBe
A - x02220
D - xx0232

Intro: A--D-- x2

Guitar 2:e|-5--4-5-7-14--12-|B|-----------------|G|-----------------|D|-----------------| x2A|-----------------|E|-----------------|
Verse 1:
A Seems like were
Dholding on forever
I gotta let it go
A Times up you pushed me
Dto surrender (tonight)
A Who knows whats
Dhappens now whatever
Whereever the wind blows
A And I'm there as long
Das were together Alright
ALets have the time of our lives!
DLike theres noone else around
Ajust throw your hands up high
DEven when they try to take us down
ALets have the time of our lives
DTill the lights burn out
ALets laugh until we cry
DLife is only what you make it now
Lets have the time of our lives! Interlude: A--D--
Guitar 2:e|-5--4-5-7-14--12-|B|-----------------|G|-----------------|D|-----------------|A|-----------------|E|-----------------|
Verse 2:
A D Dreamers don't care if its right
I think im really into you
A D Restless lets leave it all behind
A DAnd Tonight Crazy when you cross my mind
Oh the trouble we could get into
A So what lets just
Dgive this a try Alright
(Repeat Chorus) Bridge:
ALooking back what
Dare we waiting for?
ATake the chance Now is
Dall we got for sure!
(Repeat chorus)
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