Miley Cyrus – Forgiveness And Love chords

Learned it by ear.
enjoy. :)

Start on G.

[verse 1]
G Dimagining you're far away
Em Csearching for the words to say
G Di feel it when you fall apart
Em Cour lives are our greatest art.
Am Emi don't wanna change your mind
C Dcause i accept you for
Ameverything you are & will be.
D Cstay here with me now.
G D Emthe only thing that our hearts are made of
C are the acts of forgiveness & love.
G D Emthe only thing real when push comes to shove
Care the acts of forgiveness & love.
G D Emcause in the end, no one loses or wins.
C Dthe story begins again & again.
Gwith forgiveness & love.
[verse 2]
G Dyou don't ever have to read my mind.
Em Cyou can see it when you close your eyes.
G Ddon't believe it when you lose your faith.
Em Canother moment is a moment away.
Am Em C Di can't tell you what the future holds or how to live.
Am D Call i know is what feels right lights up my life again & again.
[chorus] [bridge]
G Dlet's jump the sun. let's find forever.
Em Cwhere does the time go?
G D Emjust live your life. you'll get another today.
C Gtoday, today. forgiveness & love.
[last chorus]
D Emcause in the end, no one loses or wins
C the story begins again & again
G D Em Cwith forgiveness & love, ooh.
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