Miley Cyrus - Love That Lets Go chords version 1

Hey, this is my first tab and i'm sure it's fine. the F is on the 3rd fret but it 
doesn't tell u that. strumming is just down and up when you change between chords.

Capo 2nd/3rd fret depending on your voice

Intro: F, D, Em A

Verse 1:
FThereís a gold frame that sits by the window
D EmAnd my heart breaks a little more each time I try
ATo picture the memory inside
FThereís an old book thatís too hard to read it
D EmBut if you look youíd see now you look through me eyes
A And now one more chapterís gone by, and I knowÖ
GItís time to move on and even though Iím not ready
DYouíve got to be strong just where youíre heading
EmAnd even though itís not easy
AI know the right kind of love
GDoesnít wanna miss the future
DStanding in the past it will always hold on
But never hold you back
EmAnd even though itís not easy
ARight now, the right kind of love
FIs the love that lets goÖ.
Em AIs the love that lets go
Outro: F, Em, A, F (One Strum) I know it's not the whole song, but it's the same all the way through. :) Please comment :)
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