Miley Cyrus - Love That Lets Go chords version 2

Capo 2
standard tuning
you kinda have to tune your voice but this sounds way better than the other one on here

idk what this chord is but in this song i put it as X

Verse 1:
GThereís a gold frame that sits by the window
X EmAnd my heart breaks a little more each time I try
C DTo picture the memory inside
GThereís an old book thatís too hard to read it
X EmBut if you look youíd see now you look through me eyes
C D And now one more chapterís gone by, and I knowÖ
GItís time to move on and even though Iím not ready
X Youíve got to be strong just where youíre heading
EmAnd even though itís not easy
C DI know the right kind of love
GDoesnít wanna miss the future
X Standing in the past it will always hold on But never hold you back
EmAnd even though itís not easy
CRight now, the right kind of love
--------------- D Is the love that lets goÖ.
and yea it is the same the rest of the way :)
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