Miley Cyrus – Barefoot Cinderella chords

Intro: Am C Am C Am C G

D Every morning
AmI wake up to find
C EI always dream the same.
DEvery night
AmI come to my window
C AWhen you call my name
C But the way the words
G You say just fall like rain
Am C Am CTill i'm drowning in the sound of your invitation
D G D CWhen you ask "do you wanna dance, my barefoot cinderella"
A CDon't need no slippers or a party dress,
D G The way you're lookin' right
D C Now is what i like the best
AAnd then you...
C DSay "do you wanna take a chance?
CStay with me forever
E ANo one will ever be more beautiful
Am C DMy barefoot, my barefoot cinderella."
Intro Verse:
DA dream world
AmIs always perfect
C EBut thats not my real life
DWish you did
AmBut you don't know
C AmThen me I am inside
C GI pray that you'll come lookin' and I won't hide (won't hide)
Am CI'm smiling when you find me
AmCoz I've been waiting
Chorus Bridge:
Am CWhen I close my eyes it starts (yeah)
Am CLike a movie for my heart
G CHere comes my favourite part (yeaaaahhhh)
Chorus (3x)
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