Milla Natasha Jovovich – There Aint No God For Dogs tab

Left handed
I hope this sounds right if you can perfect it feel free to help a brother out.
Ok so it just is the same four chords the whole song, Am,Em,G,C, to see how to strum it 
up the video on youtube.

here's the first line with the chords, its the same the whole song with the oooo and 

Am              Em   G   C
I'm a good old dog  Oooo ahhhh
Runnin' down the road
Barkin' at the moon
Runnin' Wild

I'm a good old dog
Got nothin' to do with any of you
Caress my head, and I'm yours for life
I kill anybody that's hurted you

Headlights in the road
Headlights make me blind
I got nothin' to do with any of you
Two great spots of light

Good old dog never knew a thing
Wasn't no pain, just the sound of the crack
Bones cracking beneath the tires
Would have killed anybody that hurted you

There ain't no god for dogs (x4)
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